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  • What’s the cost of this service?
    The product is free for provider use. Providers can set a monthly subscription rate for patients based on the type of services patients will receive from them. ​ Most providers set a monthly rate of $20-$500/month based on the provider expertise and the level of care required.
  • Why can’t I use regular text to communicate with patients?
    Regular texts are not secure and HIPAA compliant. Using regular text can result in penalties for the provider and potential breech of patient’s health information. AEpiphany is an end-to-end encrypted HIPAA compliant text messaging system that enables privacy, trust, and confidentiality. Our service allows providers and patients to stay in control of how and when your conversations are stored and shared with others. ​AEpiphany is built to respect your privacy we will not access your contacts or any other personally identifiable information from your phone.
  • How do I download the AEpiphany app?
    All providers must submit a request to join the network. Once your account is created you will receive a text with a download link from the Apple app store or the Google play store. Patients need to be invited by their provider to join the service.
  • Who can join AEpiphany?
    Any licensed healthcare providers can ask to join AEpiphany network. Providers must be in good standing with their licensing board.
  • How do I invite other providers to this service?
    Providers that wish to join the AEpiphany network can fill out this form.
  • Are my conversations private?
    All conversations are private and can only be seen by the intended recipient. AEpiphany does not collect or monitor any patient or provider data.
  • I'm a patient, how do I join?"
    All patients need to be invited to AEpiphany by their provider to join. Please ask your provider to fill out this form to join.
  • What are the limitations of use?
    Text messaging is an asynchronous method of communication that is not recommended for emergencies. Although patients can send a secure, private text message to their providers anytime, this service is not to be used for medical or psychiatric emergencies. For this you still must call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.
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