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Get connected to vetted doctors and therapists in independent practices!

An integrated solution for professionals that saves time, generates revenue, and improves health outcomes for patients. Navigate patient care with ease. 

“The multidisciplinary model of care is very unavailable to a lot of people. There is a need for this that AEpiphany meets.”- Psychologist, Ph.D. 30+ yrs experience 

"AEpiphany’s model allows for unobstructed ways to monetize some of the other services we provide”-Primary Care Physician-MD, 20+ yrs experience 

"The  app is a good between sessions connection, so for some clients we meet every two weeks. Financially it’s more affordable for them, but we can still  deepen the relationship." - Therapist, LCSW, 10+ years experience

What you can do with AEpiphany:

Support patients outside the 1:1 session

In our beta group we found providers could help 7-10 patients via text in less than 15 min per week.

Study shows patients who received text messaging interventions showed 81% adherence to treatment compared to 36% in treatment as usual group

Receive fair compensation for your time

AEpiphany is the only HIPAA compliant texting app that lets providers get paid automatically for Text Therapy and other text based interventions. On average providers on the platform are generating an additional $600 to $800 per month with less than an hour time commitment. 

Provide a multidisciplinary experience for your patients

AEpiphany lets you stay connected to healthcare professionals in your area, saving you hours of time in finding referrals, getting curbside consults, and/or seeking resources for your patients.  Plus, support staff on the app can help you request vetted referrals or resources for your patients, connect to a clinician for peer to peer consultation, and more.

Decrease administrative burden

We have automated what should be automated— billing, charting, and other clerical tasks. By decreasing time spent on these tasks, AEpiphany helps you personalize and humanize the most important aspect of your job: patient care

Expand your methodologies

Through our digital library, you have access to curated evidence based tools for your patients for home practice.  Topics include sleep, parenting, bio/neurofeedback, and more.  Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to join professional chat groups based on your area of expertise and attend virtual monthly networking and educational group meetings

AEpiphany provides a concierge service to providers, so they can save time and run their practices more efficiently. We can help with branding, guidance, and tools to grow your patient base

Grow your practice

How AEpiphany works:

Invite a provider or a patient

Once you're approved on our platform, it's easy to quickly onboard patients and set fees.  You can invite colleagues for free directly through the app.

Share tools with patients

Easily add and share curated resources to guide patients between sessions.  AEpiphany supports many types of media files— from documents

to videos.

Add a provider to an existing conversation

Through AEpiphany, it's easier than ever to collaborate with other medical professionals to provide your patients with comprehensive care.

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